Central is the main hub of Grimes. Split in to several smaller areas, most important among them is Grimes central station., which has connecting subways to all other Districts in Grimes.

Ruling faction: The Grimes Daemons

Power level and use: High

Subway security: High

Primary service: Connecting between districts.

Known dangers: Zombros, Big Zombros

List of District Zones
Grimes Central Station
Neon lights
Western Front
Water Front

The Daemons keep order in this district during the daylight hours. The prime concern lately has been the rise in Zombros, replacing marauders and monsters as the number one threat during the night hours. Until recently, most of these infected humans had been largely docile. Central Station is the hub for the Central district, although the subway exits at several points. The Neon District is where Cassie resides, and is home to mostly questionable businesses and housing, with a higher concentration of residents than any other. The western front borders the Western district for those seeking to enter by foot, mostly loaded with scavengers of the Abandoned buildings and guides through the western smog. The water front is where most items come in from on the physical plane, and stops just at the edge of the inlet. The market district is as it sounds, a place to buy and sell goods, and home to the Grimes headquarters for the Denars in Grimes. Parks has a selection of small old public parks, mostly lived in by homeless, Zombros, monsters and beast races. The power plant is home to the Massive power plant for all of Grimes, though not much more information is available to non Daemons.


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