The Western District of Grimes, known locally as The Cloud or The Smith, the old Industrial steel works of Grimes are found here. The toxic fumes that pour out day and night block out all light, and make the surface largely uninhabitable to many forms of life, but underground and inside the buildings, life bustles with activity as the Iron working oracles of the Buraindoaian Faction craft countless arms and armors, their workers, servants and citizens living in the abandoned Subways.

Ruling Faction: Buraindoaian

Power Level and Use: High (In places that can use it.)

Subway Security: N/A

Known Dangers: The Toxic Cloud

List of Zones
Greater Industrial area
Steel works refinery
Steel works smithy
Steel works factory
Underground Housing
Underground Market
Buraindoaian initiate facilities and Tetsuo worshiping areas.

As travel through The greater industrial area requires special gear to breathe and see, It is not an inhabited District, though it holds many unclaimed wonders from the magic and mechanical furnaces that lay unprotected.

The steel works is a large collection of inter connected buildings that cover most of Western Grimes, in which the Tetsuo oracle smiths live and work, along with their apprentices. The first of the three cell divisions, the refinery is where the scavenged cars and building parts from Grimes are taken to be melted down to raw materials for use by the smiths. Large sums of scrap metal can be sold here for a tidy profit.

The Steel Works Smithy is where the majority of the collected raw materials go. Powered by magic anvils and demonic flames, the smiths work tirelessly producing an endless variety of weapons, armors and any other kind of metal goods, including some jewlery.

The Steel Works Factory is not open to the public, though many speculate that fire arms and bullets are pressed and manufactured there.

With the Greater area covered in smog, residents are forced to live underground. The trains no longer pass through this area, as it has been entirely converted to an underground city. Most of this is reserved for housing or businesses.

The underground market is where many go to get goods from the blind smiths of Tetsuo. The vendors are mostly apprentices for the Buraindoaian. This is the only place to buy true masterwork quality metal weapons in Grimes.

The initiate housing and temple grounds are the only actual holy institution within Grimes, as they venerate the god Tetsuo to bless their equipment.


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